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Electric Cooker and Oven Repairs

Electric Cooker repairs and Oven repairs - is your electric heating element or fan faulty?

A fan oven that has stopped getting warm is one of the most common cooker oven problems that we are asked to fix. Our oven repair & cooker repair engineers are experienced in quickly diagnosing the problem with your oven and getting the fan and or cooker element replaced as quickly as possible.

Please be aware that in a number of cases, when your fan oven element fails it will 'trip' the electric consumer unit's Residual Current Device (RCD). If this happens then it will need to be re-set. You may notice a number of the following, as tell-tell signs that your oven is not working:

  1. Fan oven is not heating up at all, but 
  2. The fan in the oven is working fine, but 
  3. All other cooker functionality is OK 
  4. Your oven 'up to temperature' thermostat indication light does not go out. 
  5. In theses cases we often find that on removal of your Fan Oven Element there may be visual signs of burning, blowing, or splitting of the cooker oven element itself

Whether you have a built in or “in-worktop” or freestanding cooker / oven, double or single, we can help.


We will then methodically diagnose the problem which may include a number of the following steps: - removal of the cooker / oven ‘back-plate’ from inside the fan oven. The elements used to heat fan-assisted cooker / ovens are, in the majority of cases, located at the rear of your cooker / oven, behind the back plate. Back plates vary in how they are held in place, but many are held by between 2 and 6 'cross head' screws.

Once we have removed your ovens back plate we should have access to the fan oven element and the associated fan blades. In many cases the cooker heating elements will show visual signs of the failure; We may also find signs in the oven element and fan mechanism of burning, bulging, blowing or splitting. This will be confirmation that your cooker / oven element need to be replaced. However, in a number of cases there will be no obvious visual signs of the fan oven element failure at all. Once we have removed the back cover and exposed your ovens element and fan, it will also show us if you need to gain further access into the oven to safely remove its element.

Only in a small number of cases will there be a need to remove your cooker / oven in order to complete the cooker repairs. If your cooker element is simply held in place with screw heads showing then we are in luck. Now it is just a small matter of removing the securing screws and safely disconnecting the internal wires. Once we have removed the fixing screws your cooker / oven element will come away from its installed position. In some instances some cooker / oven manufacturers hardly leave enough of this internal element wiring which can make it difficult for us to remove the connections, but we always manage in the end.

However if we discover that your particular cooker manufacturer has secured your cooker element by screws from the rear of your cooker, then we will need to remove your oven from it's housing (built in ovens) in order to gain access to and remove the back cover. Once we have done this the removal of the securing screws holding your cookers element is a lot easier.

We recommend that we replace your cooker / oven element with the genuine part (where possible) which are available direct from us and we carry most elements on our vans during the day so we can quickly get your cooker repair done and you can get back to enjoying trouble free cooking.

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